What’s your type of coffee?

There are different types of coffee available on the market that are prepared in different ways. With time and after trying different coffee types, everyone chooses their own type of coffee that suits them best and without which they cannot imagine their day. Below, we list the most basic types of coffee that are most commonly consumed in our region, all of which can be found in the rich Anamaria product range. What is your favorite coffee?

Turkish coffee

Favorite coffee in Croatia. One of the oldest methods of brewing coffee is the traditional way of brewing in a pot with a handle, the so-called “jezve”. The procedure for brewing the best Turkish coffee is to pour water into the pot, add the desired amount of sugar, and wait until the water reaches the boiling point. The perfect temperature for adding coffee is 85-95°C. The amount of added coffee depends on one’s own taste, usually about 16 grams per two cups of coffee. The coffee so prepared is returned to heat to boil and only then it’s ready to be served. Interestingly, this so-called Turkish coffee is of Arab origin, not Turkish, although it has been known by this name for centuries.


Espresso is the most popular and most consumed coffee made with special espresso machines. The very name of the coffee indicates that it is prepared immediately upon ordering and consumed in a very short time of about 2-3 minutes. Espresso is part of the Italian culture, but it has found its place in Croatia with some adjustments. To prepare a good espresso, you have to take care of the amount of ground coffee, the shape and size of the ground particles, the permeability of the filters, the quality of the water, the purity of the machine, the water pressure, the water temperature and the filtration time. The procedure for preparing an espresso machine is as follows: the coffee dosage for one cup must be 7-8 grams, and the coffee must be ground to a certain granulation just before the brewing. A certain dose of coffee is placed in the filter handle and leveled. The temperature of the water flowing from the machine through the coffee has to be 88-92°C, the coffee pressure has to be 9 bar, and the beverage has to flow through the filter in a continuous stream for 20-25 seconds. The main visual impression of a good espresso is a rich foam.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee is a very popular form of coffee. The need for instant coffee is increasing due to the very quick and easy preparation compared to other methods. The entire preparation is based on pouring hot water over instant coffee. This beverage has all the qualities of a classically brewed coffee. Instant coffee is a brew of 100% natural, roasted coffee, previously technologically processed into granules or crystals soluble in hot or cold water.

Each of these types of coffee is used as a base for certain derivatives and combinations with milk or aromas such as: macchiato, caffe latte, cappuccino and many others.