Coffee drinking culture

It is not necessary to talk about the popularity of coffee, but sometimes we are intrigued by the secret of its success. Along with tea, coffee is the most widespread beverage, and the demand for it is increasing in the world every day.



Initially, coffee was used as food (African tribes used to make “energy bars” from coffee and animal fat), wine, then as medicine, and finally as a beverage.

After the first coffee shops opened, they became the center of social and business life. Today, the coffee drinking ritual is prevalent in all social classes, regardless of social status, religion, race or gender. This popular beverage is consumed on all occasions, several times a day, whether when socializing with friends, relaxing after a hard day’s work or during a morning routine - coffee is an integral part of everyday life. The number of coffee plants planted is steadily increasing in the world, and a further inbound trend in the production and consumption of this magical beverage, which captivates absolutely anyone who tastes it, is expected in the future. Most countries have an annual per capita consumption of more than 4 kg, while Scandinavian countries dominate in terms of coffee consumption with over 12 kg per capita annual consumption.

The great popularity and prevalence of coffee can be associated with its pleasant aroma, full flavor and the stimulating effect it has on the body.



The presence of coffee is becoming more and more important every day and has long been considered more than just a beverage. Coffee is a symbol of everything positive and good, warmth, family, friendship, socialization and love, strength and comfort. With coffee, you are never alone.