NEW: Anamaria 3in1 ICE COFFEE Instant refreshing enjoyment!

The perfect refreshment for hot days comes from Anamaria! Instant 3in1 Ice coffee is all you need to beat the heat and find the refreshment you need at high temperatures. This unique refreshing coffee beverage is prepared quickly and easily with the addition of cold water or milk and, if desired, ice cubes. The delicious refreshment ready in less than a minute!

3in1 Ice coffee is a product that complements the Anamaria’s line of existing instant coffee beverages 2in1 and 3in1: classic, latte, strong and macchiato. Each of these beverages is an extremely quality combination of coffee and milk with or without sugar. They are special for their quick preparation and combinations of ingredient ratios that make delicious beverages for everyone’s taste. The 3in1 Ice coffee has been developed in line with the wishes and needs of the market, and it offers the necessary refreshment during hot summer days with its unique recipe and attractive packaging design.

Enjoy a delicious refreshment this summer - Anamaria 3in1 ICE COFFEE!