Dedication to quality

We at Anamaria are extremely proud of the quality of our products. Our primary goal is to develop, produce and sell only high value and quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. With the help of our own laboratory and accredited external institutions, we carry out regular controls of everything from the input raw materials to the finished product. By monitoring all the parameters in the comprehensive product development process, we ensure a high-quality and healthy product. In addition to the daily recognition of our customers, Anamaria products have been awarded numerous domestic and international quality awards. Numerous awards oblige us to continue to invest in maintaining the quality and marketing new innovative products.

A quality working relationship with our employees is equally important to us. Our employees are our family. We attach great importance to a good and positive work environment in which we overcome all obstacles of everyday working life with teamwork. All of our products and every cup of coffee represent our shared success, to which we all contribute equally. We are continuously investing in the growth and development of our employees to their personal satisfaction and the well-being of our entire business.

Our progress is also based on sustainable development, care for the environment and the community. We work in accordance with legal regulations and international industry standards. Balanced business operations enable us to take care of natural resources and environmental impact, as well as numerous social activities. We are proud and grateful that we can share our success with our entire community and beyond.

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